Family trip to the RAMSEIER Erlebniswelt

Despite the coronavirus crisis, it seems as if a bag of new tourist attractions and family trip destinations has burst in Switzerland. At the beginning of the school fall holidays, we visited the newly opened Lindt Home of Chocolate and ended the holidays with a family trip to the RAMSEIER Erlebniswelt (of course, as usually, on the way to our Dominik’s ice hockey game). So come and see what must happen before the apple gets into the bottle.

Getting there

By public transport: The RAMSEIER Erlebniswelt is located about a five-minute walk from Sursee Train Station.

By car: RAMSEIER Erlebniswelt is located at Schellenrain 2a, 6210 Sursee (Oberkirch). From the A2 motorway, take the Sursee exit, then stay in the direction of Sursee/Oberkirch and follow the signs for Industrie Schellenrain. Free car parking spaces are available next to and behind the Visitor Center building.

Opening hours and admission fees

The RAMSEIER Erlebniswelt is open from Wednesday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00, and on Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00. Due to the Covid-19 measures and the regulation of the number of visitors, it is advised to buy tickets online for a given day and time.

Admission for an adult is 12 francs, for students and seniors 10 francs, for children from 6 to 15 years 5 francs. Children under 6 have free entry.

The RAMSEIER Erlebniswelt also offers family admission, the price varies according to the number of adults and the number of children. “Classic” family admission 2 + 2 costs 30 francs.

Next to the ticket office, there are coat hangers and lockers (no deposit required). The entrance is barrier-free, you can also enter the exhibition with a stroller.

Enjoying the Erlebniswelt

“Bruno der Moschter”, an employee who has worked in the production of fruit juices for more than 40 years, will accompany during your visit to the Erlebniswelt. In his photo, you will always find out in which part of the exhibition you are – and I say this mainly because of the kids, because in each of these parts they will find the right answer to the question from the children’s quiz (Note: all information is in German and French).

The first part, where you find yourself in an apple orchard, is dedicated to nature and apples, and you will learn a lot of interesting facts here: for example, how does it happen that apples grow from flowers on a tree? How many varieties of apples are there and which are best for making apple juice? What affects a good apple harvest? How are apples stored and why are they good for our health? And do the Swiss eat more apples or chocolate a year?

In the second part you will learn about the history of the company. Here you immerse yourself in the world of the traditional brand RAMSEIER, the largest producer of fruit juices in Switzerland. The company was founded in my beloved Emmental as the “Emmentalische Obstweingenossenschaft Ramsei” in 1910. In 1913, the company applied for a patent for a specially developed process for the production of alcohol-free apple cider, for which it received various awards. In the 1970s, four factories in the region merged and have been producing under the RAMSEIER brand since 2008.

You will also learn how products and processes are innovated, who is behind it all and what the whole process of apple juice production from apple to bottling and distribution looks like.

For the little ones

I liked that the exhibition thinks of even the smallest visitors who can’t read and write yet to complete the quiz, but can, for example, play a giant memory game here, or link pictures, “press” apples, etc.


The exposition also includes a small projection hall, where a maximum of 5 people are allowed at the moment. You will watch approx ten-minute film here. About what? You will find out for yourself when you go on a tour. I can’t reveal everything after all 😉


There must also be a product tasting during the tour. Do you have a favorite drink from the RAMSEIER product range? We already do 🙂

Photo corner

Here I think that the authors of the exhibition have made an absolute highlight! Already when you pay the entrance fee, you will receive tokens, which you can use in the photo corner in the last part of the exhibition. All you have to do is take labels with funny inscriptions such as “Moschtköninig, Frischgepresst, Chefmoschter” from the menu, snuggle up on the bench and let yourself shine. A color photo will come out of the photo machine, which you can stick on the prepared postcards and send to your family (or yourself, right 😉 ) as a souvenir from the visit.

Bistro & souvenir shop

As I mentioned, there is a quiz for children. If they decipher it correctly and find an anwer word, they can apply for a small reward after a visit in the adjacent bistro. Of course, you can order anything from the RAMSEIER brand assortment in the bistro, but also coffee, tea and something small to eat: croissants, sandwiches or flamkuchen. You can buy souvenirs before leaving.


Again, I asked my children to evaluate the RAMSEIER Erlebniswelt visit themselves. So, what did you like most here?

  • D (11): the best were the tastings, but I liked everything here.
  • P (8): I liked the cinema the most and the fact that we got a reward for solving the quiz.
  • K (5): I liked the photo shoot.

For me, I must say that the RAMSEIER Erlebniswelt visitor center may not be as large as other similar indoor activities (eg Königsweg in Emmental, Aeschbach Chocolatier, Jura World of Coffee, etc.), but on the other hand, it is cheaper and adapted to the youngest visitors.

Overall, the visit is not only interactive but affects literally all the senses. Not only do you listen to interesting information in the audio, but suddenly a rooster crows or a dog barks, which is an interesting diversification. One really feels in the “real” world when visiting a local farmer who is just harvesting sun-scented sweet apples.

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Hana Hurábová

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  • I haven’t heard of this Ramseier Erlebniswelt – sounds like a great activity!

    Of course now I wonder about the answer to “do the Swiss eat more apples or chocolate?”

    • I´ve found out quite recently too! To find the answer to the question you have to pay a visit to Ramseier Erlebniswelt yourself 😉

  • I have no idea you can visit Ramseier. It looks like a cool place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

    • I didn´t know that either. The museum is brand new, opened in June 2020.

  • Looks really fun and what a great write up about it.


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